viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2011

Peru bans GM foods

Ok, I know I don't normally translate my Spanish posts into English, but we all like a little bit of good news, so that's what's on the agenda today: some good news from Peru.

Yesterday, the Peruvian Congress passed the moratorium on genetically modified organisms. Peru banning GMs might already ring a bell for you, because Congress actually already passed the ban in June this year, but the then president, Alan García, returned the legislation to Congress, arguing it to be incompatible with the country's responsibilities under WTO agreements....

Well victory has returned this week, and Congress has passed the moratorium for 10 years, with 98 votes in favour and two abstaining. The legislation bans the entrance and production of GMs in Peruvian territory, although it permits research into GMs in universities, and also imports of GM medicines.

This represents a victory for biodiversity, and a strong stand against the power of the biotechnology companies and their patented seeds. Congratulations Peru.

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