lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

Mussel fever

I've got mussel fever, I've gone mussel mad. They're in season, and fatter and juicier than I've ever had them.

Each day off, I pop to my local fishmongers on Calle de la Espada, where fat fish are served by burly winking men, whilst the seafood section is run by petite girls that short-change you if you're not careful. Their mussels come from Galicia, fresher than fruit, sat proud on their ice.

Full of goodness, nutrients and taste, I'm cooking them up differently every day; with onions, leeks, cream and parsley one day, into a Thai-spiced coconut soup another. And when it seems like I'm overdoing it on the mussel front a little, I go for the clams, sautéed with organic chorizo and onions for a variation on a seafood theme.

3 comentarios:

  1. oh no!
    it just deleted my comment but....
    how i miss mussels! juicy fat and doused in lemon, fennel-tinged tomato sauce, ahh...
    i might just have to go and buy some oysters (which surprisingly are cheaper here) and cook them up instead.
    you could try bringing them on the plane but i think the courier company might find you a bit fishy xx

  2. oooh yes please oysters! also full of goodness. I'd like lots of those when I come, please!

  3. I have been searching for the best thing to put as a comment to this entry, but I couldn't find anything better than saying..."Yes to the mussel fever". I like them so much, in pasta, with cream, in a coconut soup, in almost anything that makes sense eating them with! They are simply incredible!

    Keep up with the blog so that we go to the market and start cooking all sorts of wonderful things!