martes, 27 de octubre de 2009

Me and my blog; the Guilty Pastry Chef

Welcome to my blog; what will be my manifesto about my kind of food; what I like to eat and why.

The balancing act between my day-job as a pastry chef in Madrid, and my passion for good, honest, real and healthy food, has culminated in me beginning this blog. In it, I’ll be exploring and learning; forging a path between the wonderful US backlash-against-industrial-food blogging community, the tiendas biológicas that I frequent so much in my adopted city; the farms and co-operatives that fight in the name of unadulterated food; and the fragrant markets in central Madrid where I unashamedly drool over raw cheeses and juicy oranges.
My blog will not be only recipes; nor food politics; nor food porn, but some kind of greedy gorging on all of the above; an expression of and an outlet for the realms of hours I spend each day thinking about, making, or eating food.

I hope you like it!

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  1. sonja!! hay alguna manera de recibir avisos sobre nuevas entradas en tu blog.???? eso estaria muy bien! no quiero olvidar echar un vistazo cuando pongas algo nuevo. Que puedo encanta! es increible y de mucha utilidad. animo!